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The history of each cup of legend. Ground up.

There’s coffee that you sit down to. And there’s our coffee. That makes you sit up. Learn what goes into our arriving at our eye-opening flavour.

From the hills to peak flavour

Specifically the pristine hills surrounding Karnataka, especially those in Chikmagalur and Kodagu. These are regions that have always boasted of growing exceptional
coffee beans.

exceptional filter

Making flavour blossom from the beans

Using proprietary roasting and grinding techniques coupled with top-of-the-line German machinery, Cothas processes coffee beans and powders to retain a unique flavour, aroma and freshness the competition can scarce match.

coffee different

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Our roasts bring out nothing but appreciation. Whether it’s single origin beans to the most hard hitting blends, we’ve got everyone’s cup of coffee.

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If an iceberg ever melted, it would likely taste like our cold coffees. A range of ready-to-drink, take away, chilled beverages for the mobile.

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There’s tech to the art of brewing coffee. Our range of easy-to-use coffee brewing units offers casual brewers as well as enthusiasts ways to make that cup they always longed for.

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Ready for the kitchen counter,
work desk and menu.


You don’t have to be brew-savvy to install a coffee break in the office. Cause there’s always a coffee machine that’ll work for your workplace. Be it a simple decoction brewer or a smart coffee dispenser that churns out seven cups a minute.

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Breakfast coffee, brews for all-nighters, or a toast for coffee connoisseurs. Choose the blend you like online.

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A selection of expertly crafted coffee blends for every kind of hotel or restaurant.

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Our aroma is all the visa we need. Check out our range of international offerings..

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