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70 years in roasting the most select of coffee beans and procurement of over 300 tonnes of coffee per month give Cothas Coffee an insuperable edge in terms of delivering unwavering quality in unmatched amounts to international markets. Be it delivering lip-smacking roasted coffee, roasted and ground coffee, green coffee, or tailoring its blends to wow the palate of any geographical region on the planet, Cothas does it all.

A cutting edge coffee manufacturing facility developed in Europe, its own sophisticated in-house lab and USFDA certification all grant Cothas Coffee the ability to conquer international standards with tasteful ease.To cap it all off, Cothas’s own Specialty Blend, a mix that avid drinkers seek out in the markets of the US, Singapore and Australia, stands ready to sweep away drinkers on newer shores.

Speciality Blend

Our best selling product for home consumption, with an optimally aromatic sound-bodied blend, marked by a chocolatey note. Great with traditional steel filter and electric coffee makers.

Pure Coffee

Made with an innovative thermal manufacturing process to long retain maximum aroma, Nova Therm offers the purest taste of coffee in our range, being devoid of any chicory.


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