I am a great lover of coffee. I drink coffee at least twice a day. But I prefer filter coffee than instant. In fact I hate instant coffee. Though the process is quite lengthy for preparing filter coffee, I can still take pain to prepare it. Anyone would accept it once they taste filter coffee prepared out of Cothas Coffee powder. The aroma of this powder is too good. Just add 3 tbsp of kothas powder in a medium sized filter and add 1/2 cup of hot water ... and wait for 2 minutes. The coffee decoction will be ready in 2 minutes. Add enough milk and sugar according to individual's taste and drink. The taste of coffee made out of Cothas powder is very rich and strong. Cothas coffee powder is available in all stores in India.

Lalit Monga

Lalit Monga on Dec 08, 2016 : I bought a bag of your coffee in the United States (Cothas coffee; specialty blend of coffee & chicory), but there are no instructions. Is this an instant coffee or I should use it in a coffee filter machine Thank you.

Reply from Cothas Team on Dec 08, 2016 : Hello Lalit Monga Thanks for writing to us. Our coffee is to be prepared in a filter coffee making equipment and it is not an instant coffee. Our coffee is one of the premium filter coffees made in India, and hope you will like the aroma and taste of the coffee. With warm regards, V.V.Balaraman

Lalit Monga on Dec 09, 2016 : Thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate it. I tried your coffee in a filter coffee brewing equipment. It turned out to be really delicious. Now you have a customer forever of your coffee. Thanks again. Lalit Monga