Coffee Roasting
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Cothas Coffee Co's expertise since 1949 in the coffee roasting process means that specific roasting cycles can be determined by combining time and temperature to enhance the desired qualities of each blend.

While roasting the coffees, the company understands that the coffee beans undergo a lot of transformation. They change colour, become lighter, increase in volume and acquire more aroma. It is precisely with this knowledge of high-temperature roasting that the company ensures correct roasting processes are utilised to develop the aromatic qualities of the beans.


The period of the roasting cycles varies based on the types of coffee treated and the methods used ensuring that each type of coffee attains its maximum unique character.

With more than seven decades of roasting expertise, the company has identified convection technology as the best method for a uniform roasting process that adheres to the coffee's characteristics.

Coffee Grinding

The degree of grinding - fine, medium or coarse alters the coffee's resistance to the flow of water influencing the extraction speed. The roast and ground coffees are prepared in various apparatus resulting in the final sensory characteristics of the beverage in the cup.

The roast and ground coffee blends meet the criteria for each apparatus used - stainless steel filter for in-home , automatic filter coffee machines in hotels, Mocha pots, drip coffee makers, etc., always guaranteeing the best results in the end cup.

Storage & Packaging

Ground coffee is very delicate and changes its characteristics rapidly when it comes into contact with air, light, heat and humidity

Hence before packaging it is stored in a controlled atmospheric environment where the carbon dioxide that forms naturally during roasting disperses very quickly keeping the flavor of the coffee intact.

Coffee packaging then takes place with state-of-the-art materials and machines, designed to maintain Cothas Coffee quality for a long time.

As the beverage industry is dynamic and ever evolving, the company is always on the look-out for the ideal solution in terms of conservation and environment sustainability.

Cothas Coffee Co. is the only company in India to incorporate the one-way valve system to retain maximum aroma and taste in the packs meant for end consumers