Important Tips for Making the Best filter coffee in India
Feb 26, 2019

South Indian filter coffee – The name itself gives a joyous feeling to coffee lovers in India. It is our very own version of coffee and suits our tastes the best. We have taken a beverage that is delicious and made it divine! This has become a part of lives so much that the beverage is not just a beverage anymore; it is a part of our culture.

This type of coffee has been famous in few parts of the country originally. However, today its fame has spread throughout the country and even outside of it! So, each time you make a cup of authentic South Indian filter coffee, the responsibility falls on you to do justice to the beverage that will in turn offer you an experience to savour.

The authentic way to make filter coffee

The required ingredients to make filter coffee are:
  • Freshly ground coffee powder (With a medium fine texture)
  • Filtered water
  • Coffee filter
  • Milk
  • Sugar
The coffee decoction is prepared separately while milk is boiled. To prepare the coffee decoction, 4 to 5 table spoons of coffee powder to the top compartment of the coffee filter. Temp the coffee powder lightly with a spoon or with fingers. Place the umbrella-shaped tamper over the coffee powder. Next, pour water that is heated to just below boiling point and fill the upper chamber. Close the lid of the filter. In 10 to 15 minutes, the coffee decoction will be collected in the lower chamber of the filter.
Simultaneously, boil milk and keep it ready at preferred temperature. Scalding hot milk is preferable. Now, pour a few tablespoons of decoction into a tumbler and add the milk. Mix sugar as per preference.
Points to keep in mind while preparing it
  • It is better to test a few times and see how strong you like your filter coffee. To manage the strength, you can try coarser grounds for lighter decoction or finer grounds for stronger decoction.
  • Temping the coffee is a step that will slightly increase the time taken for the decoction to get ready and thus ensures a more flavourful coffee.
  • Try washing the collecting compartment with hot water before to get flavourful decoction faster. The heat is said to create a slight vacuum that can speed up the process.

Points to keep in mind while presenting it

  • Use a metal davara-tumbler set to present the coffee in an authentic way.
  • The davara-tumbler also helps in achieving a light layer of froth when the coffee is poured back and forth. This gives a very attractive look to the coffee as well as maintains the temperature of coffee for a while.
Points to keep in mind while savouring it
  • The best way to savour South Indian filter coffee is with traditional breakfast such as Idli, Dosa, Pongal or Vadai.
  • This coffee is not meant to be consumed in a hurry. Take your time to prepare the coffee and devour it in a relaxed manner. You will not regret it!