Coffee Grind Size: How to choose the Right Grind for Brewing Method
Jan 31, 2019

A good cup of delicious coffee seems simple enough to make from a general view-point. But, is it really simple? Various factors such as the right kind of coffee beans, the right equipment, the right temperature of water and the right technique of brewing play major roles in how the cup of coffee turns up. However, even if all of these factors are taken care of, there is still one aspect that can make or mar a great cup of coffee. This is the grind size.

Coffee powder is a result of roasting and grinding coffee beans. While roasting the beans right is also a very important aspect of good coffee, the grinding also carries equal importance. Let us see why grinding is such an important part and how it affects the final cup of coffee.

Why is grinding necessary?

The coffee beans get roasted to enhance certain flavours and to bring certain chemical reactions that cause our coffee to taste as good as it does. So, where does the role of grinding come in? The role of grinding is important because roasted coffee beans alone do not have the required surface area to expose water to the flavour of coffee in the beans. So, to increase the surface area, the roasted beans are ground and the coffee powder is obtained. This powder is what is used to brew coffee.

The effect of grind size on coffee

There are various types of coffee grinders available in the market. But, most people leave the job of grinding to specialists and purchase ground coffee powder to use in their brew. However, it is important to know whether the coffee powder you are purchasing has the right size of coffee grounds. So, how does the size of coffee grounds really affect the final output? The effect is based on two aspects of brewing.

·        Time

There are different ways to brew coffee and different people enjoy different brews. Based on the time that it takes to brew your coffee, the size of your coffee grounds can make your coffee either full of flavour or devoid of the right taste. The longer the brewing time is, the coarser the coffee grounds need to be.

·        Method

The type of method you use for brewing your coffee must be kept in mind when you look at the size of coffee grounds. Different brews require different sizes of grounds to give great coffee output. For example, espresso requires finely ground powder while a French Press requires coarse coffee powder for maximum flavour.

The perfect grind for filter coffee

For South Indian filter coffee, the right coffee powder should have medium coarseness. If it is too fine, the decoction absorbs too much flavour and starts to taste bitter while too much of coarseness will make the water pass right through and give a runny decoction. The consistency of the coffee grounds is also very important for the flavour to get extracted evenly.