How can one get a good cup of coffee
Jan 30, 2019

Love a great cup of coffee but not an expert at making one? Making a great cup of coffee is no easy task but taking care of the basics can ensure that your coffee tastes great.  Read on to know the basics of making great coffee.

The bean

Although there are many different types of coffee beans, Arabica beans and Robusta beans are the most popular around the world among coffee lovers. This is because of the rich flavour and aroma of these beans. Arabica beans are known to have a well-balanced flavour with excellent aroma and Robusta beans have more caffeine content. A blend of both types of beans is also used by coffee-experts to get a great cup of coffee. The right type of coffee beans for you depends on your personal preferences. So, make sure that you find the right type of coffee beans that suit your preferences to get a great cup of coffee. Or leave the choice  of picking up the time tested and trusted  coffee brands.

The roast

Coffee beans are roasted before being ground into a powder. The process of roasting has different types including light and heavy roasts. Roasting turns the green-coloured coffee beans into a delicious brown and brings out the full-flavour. Experiment with different types of roasts and find out which one suits your taste buds. This will ensure that your cup of coffee is always delicious.Most of the coffee brands mention the roast profile in their packs.

The powder

The markets are filled with coffee powders that boast of the best flavour. These are available in a variety of prices-ranges and a variety of blends. Getting the cheapest available coffee powder or simply the one that has the best advertisement is definitely a chance you are taking with respect to the quality of the coffee powder,  so take your time to find out the best pre-ground coffee powder for the best results.

Also, the coarseness of the coffee powder will determine whether your coffee is good or bad. When the powder is ground too finely, the coffee will start tasting bitter while coarsely ground powder gives a watery and flavourless coffee. So, take note of this to avoid a bad cup of coffee.

The process

The way you prepare coffee obviously makes a lot of difference to the quality of coffee in your cup. Filter coffee is one of the most loved brews of coffee lovers and this involves a filter apparatus that takes coffee powder and hot water to produce amazing coffee. In this, the water quality (no tap water or impure water), water temperature (just below boiling point) and good quality apparatus is key to obtain a great cup of coffee.

Similarly, once you decide on what brew you prefer, take the time to see if all the apparatus and ingredients that you are using are appropriate and of good quality. You might be able to make a great cup of coffee even with substandard equipment but the consistency and the quality of properly made coffee is unmatched.

The presentation

The final step of coffee preparation is often the most ignored step. The right temperature, the right addition of milk, sugar or cream and the right cutlery for serving are a part of the whole coffee experience and taste. So, find out what is the best way to serve your favourite brew from experts. For example, south Indian filter coffee is best served with boiling hot milk that is added along with a pinch of sugar in a davara and tumbler. The coffee is poured back and forth between the davara and tumbler to create a layer of airy froth. This gives an amazing taste to south Indian filter coffee.