Give your New Year resolution a twist with coffee: Try habit stacking
Dec 27, 2018

 Resolutions are just like New Year eve; they come once every year and disappear till next year. Ok, apologies for the PJ. But then, think about it, getting away from resolutions during the start of the year is as difficult as thinking of resolutions during the rest of the year. For example, when your resolutions go haywire one year, if you decide to never to have resolutions from the next year onwards and stick to THAT resolution, then there wouldn’t be any problem, right? But, it is not as easy as it sounds. As every year ends, we constantly think of how to make the next year even better and it becomes essential to take decisions for better lives.

If we had the strength to stick to resolutions then our lives would indeed improve manifold. Studies show that new habits are not easy to create and breaking old ones is even more difficult. So, it is important to find out ways to make this process easier if we are planning to stick to our New Year resolutions.

Here, we will tell you how to stack your new habits on top of existing habits to get a hang of it and make it easy to create new habit. What’s more? Our version of habit-stacking involves coffee! So, read on.

Before coffee

Start simple by deciding on small goals. For example, if you want to lose weight then take a resolution that you will drink coffee everyday only after you run a few laps.  Since is it next to impossible to skip coffee for true coffee lovers, you will not be able to skip coffee and in-turn you will be forced to run in the morning. Try it out!

After coffee

Drinking coffee automatically puts us all in a better mood and gives us a feeling that we can take on the challenges of the day. So, cash in on this feeling and schedule your most dreaded task for this time. For example, if cleaning you desk is your least favourite thing to do then doing it immediately after you enjoy your coffee can make you feel better about it.

Brewing time

If you are one of those people who brew coffee the authentic way then it is bound to take time for your coffee to get ready. You can use this time to get some work done. For example, you can do quick push-ups as you take in the amazing aroma of coffee getting ready. And, for people who prefer instant coffee or automatic machines to save time, we encourage you to take up a resolution to actually take time to brew coffee. We are sure you won’t regret it.

Along with coffee

Starting the day with good thoughts and positive vibes is one of the most popular resolutions that people take. This is no surprise because starting the day right can make each day wonderful and in turn transform our lives. For this, you can decide to do something positive as you drink your cup of coffee. For example, you can read your favourite motivational magazine or passages from your favourite books.