Major points to be considered while using a commercial coffee brewing equipment.
Nov 29, 2018

A coffee brewing equipment has become an essential part of every office or workplace. Employees turn to coffee to keep them going and to keep the energy flowing. This has made every office to look for the best of commercial coffee  brewing equipments amidst the many coffee  brands  available in the market. In fact, a good coffee brewing equipment  is a good investment as the benefits of good coffee at office are many.

However, a coffee  brewing equipment  is not something that one  can install and forget about. It needs to be maintained properly and taken care of the right way. All the ingredients have to be monitored and filled up when they run out. Also, there are can be other technical issues that may crop up with respect to these equipmentsand these need to be taken care of immediately to avoid consistent supply of coffee, day in and day out. Both the service as well as supply part is fully taken care by the service provider and  it Is usually, a part of contract between the service provider and the client.

There are other  common problems that commercial coffee brewing equipments may be prone to. Let us take a look at some of them.

Problems with the taste of coffee

Sometimes, the first sign of problem with a coffee brewing equipment is bad-tasting coffee. A sour, bitter or watery coffee can indicate that the internal parts are clogged. Sometimes, this can be a result of broken water knobs, the grinder or problems with the pressure settings as well. One should also check for problems with the coffee powder and check if it has turned rancid due to leakages or contaminationBranded coffee companies like “ Cothas” ensure such issues are completed eliminated.

Problems with the frothing mechanism

The froth on top of coffee is something that people love. Many a times, the frothing mechanism can stop functioning properly and the froth can get too thin or completely not work. In such cases, it is necessary to check if the steam pressure and the operating pressure are at the right levels. A decrease in pressure can make the frothing less. Also one should check if a different kind of milk works better for frothing as the milk quality plays an important role as well. Checking for twists or bends in the milk pipe also helps.

Problems with temperature

Coffee is best enjoyed hot. Sometimes, the coffee from the coffee brewing equipment can be cold or not as hot as it is originally supposed to be. This can mean that there are problems with the temperature settings of the coffee brewing equipment , the heating coil or the pressure gauge. It is also advisable to check whether the filter holders are rightly fitted into the group heads.

Problems based on the type of coffee brewing equipments.

·        Filter – The heating plate is something that is prone to create problems in filter coffee  brewing equipment One has to  make sure that the plate does not overheat in order to avoid issues.

·        Automatic – Automatic machines can make one  think that they are easy to maintain. But, in reality, they need to be constantly monitored. Since these machines involve the use of whole coffee beans, there is a problem of the residual oils. These can clog the machine if left without supervision.