What makes Cothas Filter coffee an unparalleled one: A rundown on our history and quality mechanism.
Nov 28, 2018

When it comes to coffee powder brands in India, there are many good ones available in the market. Indians consume coffee regularly and most of them prefer filter coffee for its unique taste and authentic flavour. This led to the creation of a huge demand for filter coffee powders in the market.

Filter coffee powders are expected to be authentic and consistent by the discerning coffee-drinkers of the country and even a slight change in taste or feel can result in the customers switching to other coffee powders. This makes it difficult for mediocre brands to survive in the filter coffee business.

However, Cothas coffee is a brand that is synonymous with delicious coffee and has been a leading player in the market since its humble beginnings in 1949. Standing tall in this business for so many decades and still remaining the people’s favourite is no mean task. So, how does Cothas maintain this standing? Let us see.

How did it all start?

In 1949, Cothas coffee powder was sold through 4 neighbourhood stores in Bangalore. The business was started by visionary Sri Krishnaiah Chetty and the high-quality and consistency in the blend led to their growing popularity. The brand grew in scale in the subsequent decades. Between 1970s and 1080s, the company setup its own coffee manufacturing plants in order to cater to the rising demands.

The founder’s passion to deliver the best filter coffee powder has been passed down through generations and the brand has managed to retain its impeccable standards.

What goes into the blend?

Cothas is a brand that has made its way into many loyal households. The secret behind this is the consistency of the blend and the great quality. The blend is what makes Cothas coffee powder unique. The founder of Cothas coffee had perfected the exact blend of coffee beans, the right way of roasting and grinding to achieve a signature blend. This has been carried on by the following generations who have taken over Cothas coffee.

With enhanced machinery and equipment from Europe, the current manufacturing plants feature state-of-the-art facilities for manufacturing the coffee powder and packaging it. The best of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are selected from partner plantations and are used for the manufacturing process. Time-tested expertise combined with latest machinery results in the best coffee powder being produced.

What do people love the most about it?

Cothas is known for its delicious taste and its fine aroma. People who try Cothas are known to stick to it for generations and this reputation has made Cothas one of the major exporters of coffee powder as well. Patrons specifically describe the taste of well prepared Cothas coffee as authentic and love the mouth-feel of the coffee. People place their trust in the brand due to its excellent history of maintaining standards and its transparency. In fact, clients of Cothas can witness source-to-shelf processes in the manufacturing plant and assess the standards themselves.

All these factors are what make Cothas coffee a people’s favourite and have aided the growth of Cothas filter coffee powder as one of the leading coffee powders in the country.