Uncovering the best, authentic Filter coffee powder of South India
Oct 23, 2018

Filter coffee is not just a brew in India. It is synonymous with a certain culture, tradition and a way of life in many communities in the country. South Indian filter coffee is known as one of the best coffee experiences world over and is a favourite among the people of our country.

In order to get the perfect filter coffee, certain aspects of coffee have to come together perfectly. How do you recognise authentic South Indian filter coffee? Let us see.


This is the first attribute of filter coffee that hits you. The fragrance of rich filter coffee is a distinct smell that can transport you to a world of bliss. The fresher the coffee powder is, the better the aroma is. As the aroma is the first step in the filter coffee experience, it is the first giveaway to bad coffee a well.


Only South India filter coffee experts know that despite popular opinion, darker coloured coffee is not always better coffee. Authentic filter coffee mixed with the right amount of milk and sugar has a perfect light brown colour that is very appetising. In fact, you can hear many women picking the perfect brown colour at saree shops asking for ‘kaapi’ brown!


The right balance of pure coffee powder and chicory makes way for the best filter coffee experience. When there is too much of chicory the real flavour of coffee is lost. Similarly, when there is too little of chicory the strength of coffee is compromised and a lot of coffee powder will be needed to make a single cup of coffee. Majority of the coffee lovers prefer a ratio of 85:15 for coffee and chicory.


The quality of coffee beans and the expertise that is shown during processing is what determines the final quality of coffee. Coffee beans have to be sourced from authentic places and the roasting and grinding have to be done specifically to allow the beans to attain highest character. Also, coffee powder that retains its aroma and freshness all along the processing stage and reaches the end-user without any loss of flavour gives the best kind of filter coffee.

Brand Authenticity

Although there are hundreds of filter coffee brands in the market today, choosing the right brand makes all the difference when you are looking to have authentic filter coffee. Many families stick to a single brand for several generations and there is a reason for this. Traditional filter coffee brands have maintained high-standards and have restrained from compromising on quality in order to place their price at a competitive range. So, choosing the right brand that makes coffee powder exactly the way you want is the secret to great coffee.


The final aspect is the attribute that matters the most. South Indian filter coffee is the perfect blend of thick coffee decoction, a little amount of milk and just a touch of sugar. The end result is a time machine that will instantly transport you to your place of comfort. This is true South Indian filter coffee.