Guide to buy a perfect commercial coffee machine for your corporate office!
Oct 23, 2018

If human body functions because of the flow of blood, offices and corporate organizations function because of the flow of teas and coffees. Especially when it comes to coffee, it is a must-have for majority of employees.

When you are looking to have  a coffee machine for your  office, there are many criteria to look into. Narrowing down these criteria, there are a few basic questions that you need to ask yourself before you have  a coffee machine. Let us take a look at these questions.

What is your business volume?

The first and foremost question you need to ask when you have a coffee machine is how many cups of coffee will be required from the machine each day. If this is the very first machine that you are going to have  for your office then you might need to take a survey and find out how much coffee your employees consume on an average.

According to the number of cups required, you can choose a machine with appropriate capacity. Generally, small-sized coffee machines can serve 50 cups per day, medium sized ones can serve 150 to 200 cups a day and large machines can serve 200 to 500 cups per day.

What is your budget?

The next question to ask is how much you are willing to spend on having  the coffee machine. Coffee machines come with all types of features and advanced machines cost more than basic ones. Also, you might have to think about how many machines you need if you have more than a few hundred employees.

Balance your needs and your budget to get a good coffee machine that keeps your employees going. Take into account service costs as well  the cost of leasing them.

The pricing models of other  coffee machine brands like Coffee Day, Lavazza differs vastly from the traditional brands like Cothas coffee that offers commercial beverage solutions and reinventing  the  idea about Filter coffee.

For instance, brands like Cothas offers flexible pricing models like price per cup, per litre or as per consumables and even other  brands  differ with their offerings, so it’s recommended to do a rundown before you freeze a brand.

What kind of machine do you need?

From filter coffee machines, coffee pods, espresso machines to bean-to-cup machines, there are a wide variety of coffee machines available in the market. Each type of machine serves different types of coffees. So, you need to know what coffee your employees prefer and also calculate what type of brew works out in a cost-effective way for office-use.

Getting the coffee vibe right can really boost up the performance of employees. So, choose the right type of coffee machine that will keep the cups of delicious java flowing. At the end of the day, all it matters is a good machine that can gratify the coffee lovers and something that you can count on it every day. Consistency and premium quality is what sets some of the best brands from others.

What type of coffee-drinkers will you serve?

The profile of a coffee-drinker includes the frequency of their coffee consumption, the patterns of their coffee consumption, their preferences in the brew and other related things. It pays to really invest your resources in finding out what kind of coffee ticks with your employees and getting the exact type of coffee machine.

It will be a waste of money if you get a general coffee machine that doesn’t match with the profiles of your employees.

Should you be brand-conscious?

Coffee machines come in stylish shapes, sizes and colours. From German-engineered brands to local replicas, there sure are a lot of choices around. However, buying a machine for your office warrants a certain standard. Research about the best brands before you buy and make sure that the final choice you make is durable and high-quality.

Also, find out the warranty that comes along with the coffee machine and how the brand offers to service the machine in case of any repairs.

Do a run-down on the different brands and their quality standards and Research & Development undertaken by them to ensure that they can churn out consistent taste cup after cup which’s one of the biggest industry pain-point and which sets some of the legendary brands like Cothas Coffee  from the rest.