5 technological innovations in coffee machines that are giving an edge to the businesses
May 23, 2018

Living in the age of technology, there is hardly any aspect of our lives that is not invaded by technology. Right from daily activities to business processes, technology has made a lot of things easier, faster and more efficient. So, our daily cup of java cannot be left behind either, right?

Coffee machines are a regular sight in homes and offices and have been around for quite some time. But, newer and advanced technological innovations have made the coffee machine even more useful and attractive to users. Every year, the features of coffee machines are getting more advanced and definitely cooler than before. As a result, today, consumers can choose from a range of advanced coffee machines that offer convenience, reliability and style.

Let us look at some of the ways in which technology is turning the humble coffee maker into stylish machines of the future.

Eco-friendly innovations

Energy efficient machines are not just cool but are the need of the hour. With the emphasis on energy-efficient machines and machines that run on renewable sources of energy, eco-friendly coffee machines are definitely attracting buyers and are here to stay. Apart from the power source, coffee machines are also being made using eco-friendly materials such as wood, steel, recycled plastic, etc instead of conventional plastic materials.

Robotics meets coffee machines

Automatic coffee machines that function as semi-bots sound like scenes from a sci-fi movie? Not really. Coffee machines that take voice commands, intelligent coffee machines that detect your regular pattern and adapt to it, etc are out in the market and are poised to make your morning cuppa a breeze.

Design innovations

While the functionality of your coffee machine is very important, its looks are also given equal importance. Sleek machines that add a touch of style and sophistication to your kitchen are much in demand. Also, coffee machines that will fit into themed kitchen designs are also a great addition to your kitchen. From minimalistic coffee pods that are portable and convenient to coffee machines that look like car engines, there is a wide variety of designs that are coming up in the market and the buyers are lapping it up.

Space efficient machines

Most people relate to space crunches and love space-saving gadgets. Addressing this demand, there is a range of sleek coffee machines that take up very little space and yet give you delicious cups of coffee. You can even opt for a coffee faucet that looks like just another tap in your kitchen but produces fresh coffee when you turn it on!

New coffee brewing methods

Innovations are not limited just to the outer design and the functionality of coffee machines. Even the brewing processes are being tweaked to be optimised with technology. A few examples of this are - multiple infusion brewing, Spinn Coffee that uses high-speed spinning to extract the flavour of coffee, nitro-injected coffee brewing that fuses the taste of beer with coffee, etc.
Most technological innovations are directed towards getting consistent and tasty coffee with as little hassle as possible. There is definitely a good demand for advanced coffee machines and as technology advances more, we can expect to see highly intelligent coffee machines becoming the norm.