The art of tasting a filter coffee and the magic inside it!
May 23, 2018

The quintessential filter coffee of South India is a cultural identity of its own. It is a daily affair in many households and yet it is never taken for granted. The cup of golden liquid is taken seriously and how! Compared to making instant coffee, the process of making filter coffee is definitely more time consuming and requires more effort. However, people don’t mind dedicating the effort and time each day for the one-of-a-kind cup, or should we say tumbler, of warmth every morning despite busy schedules.

The process:

Only filter coffee lovers know the fact that the process of making filter coffee is as relaxing as it is to devour it. The aroma of freshly ground coffee powder that emanates when you take a spoonful of it from the steel dabba, the powder’s satisfying smooth texture as we heap it into the top section of the stainless steel coffee filter, the swish of boiling hot water that is poured on top of it, each aspect of the preparation is amazing by itself.

That pitter-patter of droplets of pure coffee decoction trickling down into the lower section of the coffee filter is music to the ears. It builds up the anticipation of getting nearer and nearer to the perfect sip of filter coffee. But, the beauty of the process is in its slow and laidback pace. The whole process takes at least 20 minutes and yet it soothes our senses instead of making us impatient. It is as if the experience of sipping filter coffee begins right when we start the process of making it.

The davara-tumbler experience:

Once the decoction is ready, it is time to start putting it together with its soul mates – milk and sugar. When the process of making the decoction is so special, how can the process of serving it be normal? Serving filter coffee in a regular cup is like wrapping diamonds in a plastic sheet instead of putting them in a box of velvet.

The decoction, hot milk and sugar are mixed in a tumbler and the coffee is poured back and forth between the davara and the tumbler. We can call the davara and tumbler as the Indian version of a cup and saucer but that would just be a great injustice to our davara and tumbler Jodi. The cup and saucer set is a serving accessory, the davara tumbler set is an emotion!

So, back to the topic, as the coffee is poured back and forth, the distance between the two hands increases with each cascade. The result? A bubbling layer of light froth that adds the final, but beautiful, touch to the filter coffee.

Now, the coffee is ready. The first sip is the beginning of the end of the experience and you start to miss it already. As you take consequent sips, your heart clings on to each sip and devours the coffee like two best friends who are having a great time but are about to say goodbye. And, with the last sip, you are stronger and are ready to face the world!


The filter coffee is not just a morning beverage. It is often had after sumptuous meals to seal the taste buds on a sharp note. Then there is the mini-coffee that can be had at just any time of the day.

So, if you are a coffee lover but haven’t tasted filter coffee yet, the time is now. Don’t miss out on a fantastic coffee experience.

And, if you are already a filter coffee lover, well, we wish you many more tumblers of filter coffees. And may we say, you make the world a better place, just like filter coffee!