Commercial Filter coffee machines Vs Italian Coffee machines: Pros & Cons
May 11, 2018

 Coffee is not just a beverage. It has evolved into a culture of its own. There are coffee lovers all over the world and most people have very specific preferences when it comes to their cuppa. For coffee lovers, as enticing as making their own coffee every morning sounds, it is a pretty time-consuming process. Stocking up freshly ground coffee powder, manually brewing the coffee using a filter or other methods, waiting for the coffee to get ready, etc is a pretty laborious process. Most of the people don't have time to go through this ordeal on a daily basis. But, they do crave for their cuppa every day. So, the optimal solution that most people turn towards is a commercial coffee machine. Individuals, as well as companies, are taking advantage of the variety of commercial machines available.
Specifically, Italian coffee machines are known to make some of the best brews so that you can enjoy exotic cups of coffee every day. On the other hand, filter coffee machines that are otherwise called as drip coffee machines are designed to give you a concentrated decoction of coffee that can be made into your favourite type of coffee by adding the required milk, foam or hot water.

Commercial filter coffee machines

Commercial filter coffee machines are a staple in many homes and offices. They are largely no-fuss machines that give you consistently good coffee with little effort from your side. Filter coffee machines function by allowing steaming hot water to pass slowly through freshly ground coffee beans, thereby soaking in the essence. This concentrated decoction drips into a jar or is collected to be added to milk or froth to make the cuppa of your choice.
The advantages of a filter coffee machine are many. There is a large variety of coffee machines available in all price ranges. It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily. It is low on maintenance and requires you to only refresh the coffee powder from time to time. The coffee powder is easily available in a lot of places. There are machines that range from very simple ones to machines that offer many choices as well.
The disadvantage is that few types of coffee such as espresso, macchiato, etc cannot be made authentically using filter coffee machines. Plus, the presence of low-quality machines in the market makes it difficult for people to choose the right coffee machine.

Italian coffee machines

Italian coffee machines are like a dream come true. Italians are known for their impeccable coffees and their commitment towards crafting good coffee experiences. Therefore, their coffee machines reflect this culture. The process of making coffee is similar to filter coffee machines as it also involves steaming water and concentrated coffee powder. But, Italian coffee machines force the steamed water to pass through the powder and thus the resultant coffee tastes different too. These coffee machines offer a lot of options and hence are more sophisticated.
Italian coffee machines produce espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, etc. People who prefer authentic Italian coffee would prefer these machines. Instead of coffee powders, machines that use coffee pods are also available. There are many advantages such as stylish and exquisite looking machines, exemplary high-standards, etc. Italian coffee machines reflect the attention to detail and the commitment to quality that is a part of Italian coffee culture. The machines are easy to maintain as well.
However, most of the machines are priced at a higher range than many non-Italian coffee machines. Also, the cost of servicing the machines in case of repair is also on the higher side.
So, check out the exact specifications and the features of the kind of coffee machine you need and make an informed choice. Happy cuppa to you!