5 easy ways to know if your filter coffee is of good quality or not
May 11, 2018

Filter coffee has an unquestionable place in many coffee lovers’ hearts. Whether it is South Indian Filter Kaapi or exquisite French filter coffee, the whole process of using steaming water to absorb the goodness of freshly ground coffee beans and devouring it with or without milk is a dream-come-true for coffee lovers. In fact, not just drinking filter coffee, but even preparing filter coffee is something that feels like therapy with that wonderful aroma wafting in the air.
Today, with the huge demand for coffee around the world, manufacturers and coffee shops offer a large variety of coffees. When we make coffee at home, we know for sure that it is good filter coffee. But, when we buy coffee from outside, many filter coffee lovers can get confused whether the hot cuppa in their hand is a good quality filter coffee or not. To check whether your filter coffee is good or not, you have to pay attention to some of its aspects. The market has instant coffee powders that claim to give the exact taste of filter coffee. But, we know that it's not true. Authentically made filter coffee is always a class apart. So, let us look at some aspects of good filter coffee that is like a stamp of its quality and authenticity.


It is said that good coffee can be recognised from its smell itself. Even before taking a sip, the aroma of coffee can tell you how authentic it is. Fresh coffee aroma is something that is characteristic to filter coffee. Plus, taking in the aroma is a part of the whole experience of devouring coffee. So, don’t forget to enjoy the aroma.


Coffee lovers who have been drinking filter coffee for decades can identify the quality of coffee in their very first sip. There is a fresh and mildly acidic yet smooth taste that awakens our senses right at the second that we sip the coffee. Novices have to look out for too much of a dairy taste that clearly points to instant coffee.


The right consistency of filter coffee is neither too thick nor too thin; it must be flowy but not watery. This consistency is what gives the perfect filter coffee. The second decoction will start to get more watery and have less of a flavour. And, the instant coffee powder will have a thick consistency that changes the taste of coffee.


Filter coffee is usually made from freshly ground coffee beans with some addition of chicory. Therefore, it is definitely more expensive than instant coffee. If you are getting filter coffee for a very less price, then it is likely that the quality of the filter coffee is substandard.


Filter coffee, because of its good quality coffee powder and authentic method, makes you feel light and energetic after consuming it. The consumption of good filter coffee is an experience that people look forward to. Instant coffee is incomparable to this. Even though instant coffee is much easier to make, the experience it provides is one of much lower impact.