Different types of commercial coffee machines and how to choose the best one
May 11, 2018

Buying a commercial coffee machine is something that warrants a lot of thought. With various brands available in the market, it is no mean task to choose the right one to buy. Let us see how these machines are classified so that we can make an informed choice.
Commercial coffee machines can be of different types. They can be divided based on:

Number of cups of coffee the machine makes

The number of cups of coffee you need at your office or at your store is the basis on which you can narrow down your choice of a coffee machine. The consequences of having either a coffee machine that has a larger capacity or a lesser one are definitely not small. Right from the space the machine takes up to the power consumption, a lot of things will depend on the capacity of the coffee machine. It is important to know the approximate number of cups you will need from the machine so that you can make the right choice.

The types of coffee the machine can make

There are coffee machines that make specific types of coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, filter coffee, instant, etc. So, to choose the right kind of machine, you can maybe take a survey about what kind of coffee the people who will use the coffee machine will prefer and make a choice based on that. There are machines that make more than one type of coffee too. These are ideal when you need more than one type of coffee to be made every day.

The purpose for which the machine is going to be used

A commercial coffee machine can be used to cater to employees at an office, for extended personal use or as a vending machine at a store amongst other things. Being aware of what it is going to be used for will help you choose the right coffee machine. From automatic coffee machines, barista machines, semi-automatic coffee machines to drip coffee machines, there is a range of coffee machines that you can choose from based on what you need the machine for.

Primary features of the machine

From setting automatic timers to getting different types of coffee made, there are many features that a coffee machine can have. It is totally up to your preference whether you need a machine that is operated by touch, a machine that directly connects with your plumbing line and takes water from it or even a coffee machine that speaks to you! So, examine the features that are available and make an informed decision.

Price range

This is one of the most basic but important decisions to make. There are coffee machines available in all price ranges from cheap ones to really expensive ones. Of course, the price does affect the quality of performance to an extent. So, it is important to make a smart decision that balances price as well as performance. Read reviews and get advice from friends who have already invested to know the actual performance quality of a machine before buying it.