Evolution of Filter coffee in India
May 11, 2018

Filter coffee is something that is unique to our country, especially to South Indians. That golden coloured liquid with a layer of frothy bubbles on top created by expertly swishing about the coffee between the ‘Dabara’ and the ‘Tumbler’ is something that is the stuff of dreams for many coffee lovers in India.
However, how did coffee make its way into India which was predominantly a tea consuming nation? What makes the heady beverage a staple across the country even today? Read on to know more.

History of Coffee in India

The story of how coffee was first brought to India is not exactly a very legal one! It is believed that a 16th century Sufi Saint named BABA Budan smuggled coffee beans from the Yemeni port and planted them at the Chandragiri hills in Karnataka. This hill is even named after him.
So, coffee was planted and the rest is history. The coffee culture became so imbibed in our Indian culture that today we cannot think of India without its coffee.

Coffee became Filter Kaapi

A lot of places in India make coffee by boiling the coffee powder in water and allowing the powder to settle down while leaving the decoction on top. However, the steel coffee filter is used in many parts of South India.
Although it is not very clear as to who invented this filter, its brilliance cannot be ignored. The stainless steel filter is made of a top portion and a bottom portion. The top portion consists of an inverted conical structure with small holes that let hot water to seep into the coffee powder. The resultant decoction falls into the bottom part and gets collected. Coffee is made by mixing this decoction with milk and sugar. This is what a large number of Indians wake up to and what a way to wake up!
We Indians have truly made coffee as our very own beverage. We have created Filter Kaapi from coffee!

Role of Filter Coffee in today’s coffee-shop generation

With the advent of coffee shops in India came a whole new style of drinking coffee. Today we have Cappuccino, Mocha, Americano and what not. But has this replaced our own filter coffee? Hell no!
On the contrary, filter coffee is being served in foreign countries and is being lapped up at South Indian and Indian restaurants abroad. Back home, filter coffee still remains the staple at a majority of homes. Filter coffee fans stick to it no matter what new types of coffee come along and the tribe is only growing in number.
So, as we go forward, let us hope that the world never runs out of coffee and we always wake up to great filter coffee every morning!