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Our Story

The coffee a new nation woke up to

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Our Story

It began with retailing coffee in the neighbourhood. It lead to the brewing of a filter coffee behemoth. And the founding of a family. Both of whom carry the name of Cothas. We have to credit the sensibilities of a visionary. That of Sri Krishnaiah Chetty, who, in 1947, set up shop selling filter coffee powder to domestic customers and hoteliers. Wherein he procured green coffee seeds of different varieties from the local market, and masterfully roasted them to perfect temperatures, then finely ground, and thereafter packed and sealed them before customers.

Cothas since has grown from being that talk-of-the-neighborhood coffee roaster to becoming the aroma of a coffee nation. With the art of the brew running in the founder’s family’s veins, Cothas Coffee is today India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of filter coffee powder, operating more than 25 company owned retail outlets, corporate beverage solutions for leading companies, tech parks and airports all over India.

Our Coffee


Mountainous regions in Karnataka like Kodagu and Chikmangaluru have always boasted of slopes teeming with exceptional coffee beans. Cothas partners with select growers from these areas to ensure that nothing but the finest beans are procured.

State-of-the-art processing

German machinery and proprietary techniques of roasting and grinding are Cothas’s aces in creating its coffee’s unique flavour, aroma and freshness. Add to this Cothas’s modern storage and packaging facilities, which ensure stringent levels of hygiene that meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Quality Certifications

About the owners

You can always recognise a Cothas. By his nose for coffee.

Cothas isn’t merely the legacy of a matchless coffee company thriving for 70 years. It’s also the proud title of the family at its helm. With the third generation of the Cothas family now leading the brand towards newer palates, it’s clear Sri Krishnaiah Chetty’s descendants inherited his sensibilities. Fully owning and managing Cothas Coffee, the father-son duo of Mr. C. K.Sreenathan and Mr. C. S. Nithin took the company to the apex of the finest filter coffee makers on the planet.

c k sreenathan

Chief Executive Officer

40 years’ experience of singlehandedly creating the crafted filter coffee market in the country has given Mr. C. K. Sreenathan the enviable tag of Professor of Indian Filter Coffee. Deservedly so, his expertise ranging from coffee bean selection, encompassing manufacturing technique, to ensuring customer satisfaction.

c S Nitin

Chief Executive Officer

It takes more than phenomenal coffee to conquer tongues. And that’s the domain of Mr. C. S. Nitin, who has been the spearhead for the aggressive expansion of Cothas Coffee in India and in exports.A graduate of industrial engineering and an MBA, Mr. Nithin brings to the mix two invaluable formative years spent in coffee production in Chicago, as well as those at the helm of product development at Cothas.


Those that work with us are born Coffee beings. If you find your passion for the cup overflowing into life, we have got positions for you!

B. Com. / M. Com.

3-6 years

Manufacturing Industry


Seeking professionals with 5-7 years of experience.

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