The QA department plays a vital role in the entire production chainThe purchasing of the raw material is monitored with strict quality standards for each type of coffee, and evaluated for its characteristics. Cothas coffee is certified from the first bean to the last... Experts also choose the coffee according to the standards applied to Cothas Coffee Co. blends. On arrival at the plant, every stage of the process-handling, storage, dosing of the blends and roasting is controlled by a centralised processing system.

Mixing, roasting and grinding are the core of the production process: these fundamental phases make a coffee unique. This is when the QA department intervenes more frequently to monitor the whole process. The creation of the coffee blends, fine tuned by the QA department, is controlled by the QA team, with documented processes and a panel of tasters who sample each blend in order to guarantee that the same flavour, mouth feel and body for each blend are consistent after cup.

The roasters are all convection machines, which make the hot air roasting process more uniform and delicate guaranteeing the correct level of roasting for each blend. A pilot roasting system carries out a short test cycle, roasting a small quantity of coffee before the full-scale production is commenced. The grinding process, which differs depending on the intended use of each blend in home filter coffee, blends for commercial establishments and for the bulk brewers, is also managed automatically by the computer systems and controlled by the QA department.


The ground coffee is then kept in atmosphere controlled silos to protect against oxidants (light, oxygen, heat, and moisture), and is quickly sent to the packaging stage. The shapes of the packages and the materials used are essential to guarantee the optimal conservation of the blends, and the QA department is constantly looking for more effective solutions.

The experts in the QA department travel to the local estates to taste the green coffee so that they can select the best qualities to use in Cothas Coffee blends. The coffees selected then move on to the blending stage: a real art which is at the heart and soul of the company since 1949. The blends are secret recipes, prepared with care, which makes Cothas Coffee unique and recognisable. All Cothas Coffee Co., products for the home, commercial or for vending machines are very specific blends. The best blends include up to five or six different types of coffee from different coffee estates of India and may be 100% Arabica or a mix of Arabica and Robusta: the former is sweet and fragrant, the latter is full-bodied and intense.

The flavour of the blend also changes depending on the provenance of the various coffees: a prevalence of Coorg origins will give a full, chocolaty favour, whilst Chickmanglur origins yield more aromatic and delicate coffee blends. The QA team ensures 100% compliance in differentiating the various estate's coffees so that they are eventually blended for specifc product needs.