The Cothas Roasting and Manufacturing facility is situated in Jigani Industrial area in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The facility houses the best of equipments and manitains highest standards of safety and operations. Roasting, Packing and Shipping are all handled at the same facility to ensure quick processing of orders and improved delivers of all bulk orders. Client visits are frequent at our facility. We make it a point to help our clients understand the entire value chain of the coffee we produce. This level of transparency of source to shelf has helped us build a trusting relationship with all our clients.

The Region

The pristine hills surrounding Karnataka, especially Chikmangalur and Kodagu are ideal for growing great coffee. Coffee grown in these regions are of great quality, taste and aroma. Great year-around weather conditions Robusta and Arabica are the most commonly grown beans in these regions. Cothas sources beans after selecting them carefully from our partner plantations and growers in and around Karnataka.

Cothas - A Brief History

Cothas has grown to a large Coffee Roaster and Manufacturer since its inception in 1948 as a neighborhood coffee roaster. Cothas sources the best coffee beans from the best of locations from in and around Karnataka in India. These plantations are carefully chosen through a strict selection process to ensure that the beans are of the best quality and the topography of the region contributes to the best varieties of Coffee. Currently, we have the over 12 varieties of Coffee products for retail and institutional customers. Filet Coffee has a large fan following in south India and surrounding regions. Cothas is a serious player in the filter Coffee space in India, contributing and upholding this trend.

'Cothas' is a family name. It was during the year 1948, the late founder and visionary Sri Krishnaiah Chetty started the business of coffee called 'Cothas Coffee'. It was a small store retailing coffee powder to domestic customers and hoteliers. Coffee seeds of different varieties were procured from the local market, roasted, ground, and there after packed and sealed all in front of the customers.

Slowly, the second, third and fourth retailing outlets opened at different parts of Bengaluru city. Retailing quality coffee powder was the visionary's dream. By this time, the art of selecting the different varieties of green coffee beans, the art of roasting it to the perfect degree and finely grinding, packing and offering it to the prospective customers was mastered by the pioneer in this coffee industry. At this time he passed on this great family business to the second and third generation. The determination and the visionary's dream was carried forward by establishing two modern factories during the year 1978 and 1989 respectively. The father-son duo of Mr.C.K.Sreenathan and Mr.C.S.Nitin, that currently, fully own and manages Cothas Coffee Co., is making what has come to be known as 'coffee' synonymous with the name 'Cothas'. The two modern processing facilities of Cothas is equipped with the state of art, most modern coffee roasting machines and grinding machines of the industrial type from West Germany, modern storage facilities and hygienic packing machines to pack the coffee powder. A dedicated work force helps in realizing the dreams.The packed coffee powder packets are now packed in bulk packets and distributed through a network of a dedicated dozen distributors to reach almost all the retail outlets, in and around 40kms radius of Bengaluru city. Cothas Coffee is now available in the cities of Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and Hyderabad. Cothas Coffee powder is also made available at most of the Indian stores at various parts of USA.